Wild West Part II

We’re back out in the Wild West where it’s all check shirts, jeans, cowboy hats and sexual frustration. At least it is for Johnny Rapid as he waits on the train tracks as the freight rattles past. Before long another good ol’ boy, Robbie Rivers happens by, and he’s all for bumming a cigarette and paying complements. But heck, Johnny don’t like bein’ told he’s a good lookin’ guy and he’s up for a bit of brawling right there on the tracks.

But brawling comes out as balling in Johnny’s language and his 7.5 cock is out of those pants before Robbie can say ‘hum dinger.’ Robbie gobbles down that thick shaft, wets those heavy nuts and gives Johnny the sucking of his life. Johnny fucks his mate’s face, chokes him, tells him what to do, until his cock is wet and ready for some tight ass. Now it’s Johnny’s turn to play top as he gets horny Robbie on his knees, bends him over the rail line, and forces his length right into that tight hole.

Robbie never wanted a cigarette, he wanted fucking and that’s’ exactly what he gets from his hard and handy farmhand. Ass slapped, red palm prints on white flesh, dirty talk, Robbie rides cock like a whore, does as he’s told, right there in the open as Johnny works himself up to a frenzy, pumping and pounding, using Robbie as his dumbass plaything until he can’t hold back. With a whoop and a holler he’s spewing his jizz right over Robbie’s panting chest, squirting his cum right there under his chin and letting off a bit more than steam from his boiler. Robbie just grins, gasps, takes it all; he loves it out here in the Wild, Wet, West.

The Wild Rapid West

It is the wild west, cowboy hats, plaid shirt, denims and sexual frustration.At least for Johnny Rapid who leans against the train station watching the locomotives pass under the weight of its rattling freight. Before too long the sound of the worn boots of good ol’ boy Robbie Rivers can be heard.Rivers sidles up to Johnny, bumming a cigarette and complimenting Johnny on his good looks. Oh heck no! Johnny don’t need to be told he’s a looker by some mouthy cowpoke. Johnny’s up for a bit of brawling and turns to see the unlucky son of gun.
Once Johnny got a good look at the boy in front of him brawling turned to balling. Slim hips, long legs and an Angel’s face with the Devil’s mouth. Johnny was half hard by the time he noticed those crystal blue eyes. Johnny has his flies open and his holding eight inches of hard cock before Robbie can say “hum dinger.” Robbie blushes with arousal and scuffs his jeans on the hard, dusty floorboards to get that horse dick in his mouth fast. The boy hums his pleasure as the head hits the back of his throat making Robbie choke and his eyes water. The spit dribbles down the shaft wetting Johnny’s balls good and plenty. Johnny Rapid grabs the boy by the head and gives that mouth a good fucking.
Once Johnny’s cock is fully hard and wet enough, Robbie is hauled up and pitched over the railing. His pants and long-johns puddle around his ankles while Johnny works open the tight ass with his cock. Robbie moans and pants finally getting what he wanted all along. Hell, Robbie don’t even smoke! What he needed was a good screwing, someone to tell him what to do, someone willing to pound his tight hole and smack his ass red. Johnny works himself inside Robbie to the hilt and starts riding that hole like a Bronco needing bustin’. Robbie howls and groans loving every smack. Robbie keeps squeezing Johnny’s cock hard and praising Johnny, not caring who hears or who might see. All Robbie can think about is the fine fucking and spanking.
When Johnny feels his balls raise up he pulls out and turns Robbie over, ripping open the plaid shirt to reveal a shaved and toned chest, nipples hard. Johnny jerks his cock three times and spills all over Robbies hard nipples and flat belly. Robbie just takes it all loving’ the real men of the wild, wet west.

Sexy Marcus having his first meeting with Johnny Rapid

Marcus was antsy with unbridled anticipation as he waited for delivery of his mystery package. He couldn’t keep the image of what he had ordered out of his head, and the images were diving him out of his mind. Finally, the doorbell rings and Markus opens the door to a very cute delivery boy, and Marcus takes a moment to savor the fantasy, but he is so anxious to get that box inside and open that he reluctantly lets the fantasy go and closes the door.
Markus stood looking at the six-foot tall box, just savoring the anticipation for a few moments. Then slowly, ever so slowly he began to unwrap the package. Yes! These are things of dreams, and they are finally his! Here was a life size, fully anatomically correct, totally smooth shaven mannequin in the likeness of that sweet, sweet twink, Johnny Rapid.
With a huge smile on his face, and his bright eyes open wide, Markus slowly looks over his new possession. He is amazed at how life-like the cock is, and even more surprised when he realizes it can even move! And Oh My God! he thinks when it actually gets hard in his hand. By now, Marcus is fully in the throes of lust and he takes that beautiful, hard cock into his mouth. Oh such sweet heaven!
Almost out of control now with the force of his yearning, he carries the mannequin over to the table and sets him on it. He opens his mouth, tasting the sweet, hard cock, pushing it far down his throat and moaning with pleasure. But Johnny Rapid is just a toy and doesn’t respond. He is just a plaything for Marcus to use totally as he wishes.
And use it he does. The obedient Johnny was put through his paces in all positions. Marcus fucked his smooth ass doggy style! He lets Johnny ride his own throbbing, hard cock, losing control with the power of being totally in charge. Johnny is compliant, willing to do anything, with no complaint, not a whimper.
Soon, his awesome new toy even shoots a load into Marcus’ waiting mouth, and fired up with sexual frenzy, Marcus finally empties his own nuts, showering the smooth shaven body of he’s new personal Johnny Raven. Oh yes! Marcus is happy, no, ecstatic with this new delivery, and as he places him gently back in his box he just knows that there are going to be many more such deliveries of jizz like this in his future.